Jay D.

Biker safety tips

  • Never assume you are in control
  • Don’t ride above your skill level
  • Be mindful and present while riding
  • Pay attention to the weather, road conditions and traffic
  • Make sure your helmet is well-strapped
  • Make sure the rear view mirrors on both sides are properly positioned to give you a good view of what’s coming from behind.

Be aware of your energy levels

Keep your bike in top shape

Unrestricted peripheral vision

IF you are drunk or in a hurry or simply pissed off, better not ride.

Practice maximum braking.

Scan for hazards on the way

Position yourself smartly in the lane. The best position most of the time is off-centre. To get a clear idea of the right positioning, think of how the driver’s seat of a car is placed slightly off-centre. That way you can see further past the car in front and oncoming cars can see you too.

Keep a good distance from the vehicle in the front.

Keep your eye on the horizon as far as you can. Don’t be looking only at the vehicle in front of you.

Don’t stay behind a truck or van if you can help it.

Make sure your brakes are functioning well.

Check the tyre pressure every couple of weeks.

Get the servicing of your bike done regularly.

Do not use the phone while riding your bike.

How do you prevent your hair from getting messed up when wearing a helmet?

Are you worried that your helmet is messing up your hairstyle? Or are you one of those who absolutely avoid wearing a helmet and go on to risk their life just because you do not want the helmet to spoil your look?

Your hairstyle only gets messed up due to friction against the inside padding of the helmet which is easy to avoid with a few tips and tricks.

The below tips will help you to get over your helmet aversion by breaking the cycle of bad hair caused by helmet wearing.

Use a head scarf (balaclava)

Wearing a headscarf under your helmet, protects the styling of your hair. When you remove your helmet, your hair styling would be only slightly disturbed but it would still retain the overall pattern as you had combed it. It would get back in shape just as before in no time after you apply some water or gel and comb your hair.

A headscarf also absorbs the sweat from your hair and prevents it from being absorbed by the padding inside the helmet so you don’t have to deal with the consequences of damp inside the helmet.

Use a comb or brush with small bristles

Many bikers keep a small circular comb in their pocket which does a great job of fixing your hair within 10 seconds. In fact, most Indian men will swear that the round comb does a better job than any ordinary comb.

Maintain the right length of hair

We have heard from several bikers as well as experienced it ourselves that the right length makes it easy for hair to retain its styling even under the helmet.

So we see that it is really quite simple to maintain the styling of your hair even while wearing a helmet. You only need to know a few basic tips. Now then, is messed up hair really a valid reason for risking your safety or the safety of your loved ones while on the bike? We don’t think so.

Do you have any more tips for all the dudes and dudettes out there who care about maintaining their hairstyle while biking?